A: R & D advantage
    I found the Jiangsu Province for the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Tongji University is also a new material research and development base, with a solid reserve research and development efforts to ensure that products have been at the forefront, to provide customers with the most cutting-edge, the highest quality products.
Second: technical advantages
    My company and Tongji University School of Materials, so that you have no worries about the choice of technology, we can provide you with the best technical support.
Third, product advantages
    Our products are energy-saving, green products, while ensuring the building energy efficiency at the same time in response to "building energy efficiency and green building development" thirteen five "plan" for the national construction industry to provide sustainable development channels; in the company R & D, technology, design team Of the common assistance, our company effectively reduce construction costs, to provide you with more choices.
Fourth, the team advantage
    The company has 46 technical staff, with two national construction qualification, through independent scientific and technological innovation, the company has completed the application for invention patents and new patents more than 40, the preparation of national and industry standards 7. With the support of R & D, technology, design, production, construction and after - sales team, our company has now completed tens of millions of square projects, rich experience to provide you with no service.